Welcome to Stoltzfus Soft Pretzels!
Stop in and enjoy our freshly baked pretzels, and pretzel logs.  Try a delicious sandwich on our soft freshly baked rolls along with our savory soups. 

Not Just Pretzels...
Our slow cooked, moist, tender rotisserie meats are the BEST around.  We offer a dinner platter with our home cooked sides, or on our freshly baked rolls as a sandwich. Either way, we are sure your taste buds will dance and sing.

Stop in today and have a taste!
*Stoltzfus pretzels are made fresh daily on site. Our delicious soft rolls along with many other items on our menu are prepared daily in our Lancaster County home.
Stolzfus Soft Pretzels, owned and operated by
members of the Amish community who reside in Lancaster County, PA.